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For those who say it's not our war & Appeal for Donations

Photos from BBC website
Ghazala Minallah
I cannot get the image of the young wounded soldier lying helplessly in the CMH out of my mind. His thin bullet-riddled body was covered with bandages, and his face was sad. He was 21 years old, my son's age, and when I prayed for his recovery he asked me to pray for Pakistan. 'Pakistan hai to hum hain'. Another young soldier said that the nation was not being told the truth. The casualties were far more than those being reported. His grievance? That precious lives were being sacrificed in a war which most political leaders said was not theirs. Not a single government representative has ever bothered to visit the troops to boost their morale.I fail to understand that if my countrymen and women are being massacred, if my children are being killed and maimed, if my soldiers are coming home in coffins, then how is it not my war? Who are the people in the videos, cutting the throats of innocent citizens? Who was spewing poison in the FM broadcasts in Swat? Who is training young impressionable minds to blow themselves up in the name of God? Who challenged the writ of the state after the peace deal? Is Hakimullah an American, or was Baitullah a Jew, or is Fazlullah an Indian? And does it make any difference whether they are or not? For the mother who weeps over the ravaged body of her child, does the identity of the culprit matter? Were Mir Jafar or Brutus outsiders? Is it the name Taliban which is causing the problem? Are we really that stupid and naïve to fall for that argument?I request those who are confused about whose war this is to visit the bullet-riddled soldiers, the three-year-old daughter of Pervez Masih, the recently widowed Nasreen bibi in Lal Kurti, the hospitals in Peshawar where injured children scream in agony, and the graveyards where families have buried the pieces of their loved ones. These are the victims of a split second of madness. Does it matter what these murderers call themselves? Whoever they are, and whoever is behind them, they are traitors and enemies of Pakistan and Islam. Unless we recognise the enemy within, we will end up in history books as a nation that once was.

Donations for Blast Victims in Rawal Pindi/Islamabad Please call Ghazala Minallah: 0300 527 0330.
Contact: Maham Ali at
Urgently required for IDP camps in D.I.K for schools there, donate pencils ( lead and coloured) erasers, sharpners , copies, school bags, please contact Quatrina Hussain 0301-828-6168.

Appeal for Peshawar blast victims
from Noor Donations
Dear all,
Recently Peshawar which is the provincial capital of North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan has been under the grip of one of the worst terror attacks of its history. The new wave of terrorism that started on September 26, 2009 has claimed 205 lives, injured over 400 besides causing colossal material loss to the people. Peshawar, once known as a city of flowers and a home to centuries old cultural and historical heritage has become a mayhem of death, destruction for the last few months. The death and destruction continue unabated.
On October 28, 2009 a car bomb exploded at Cherri Koban Road between the densely populated Meena Bazaar and Koochi Bazaar. The car-bomb played havoc with human lives, killing 122 people, maiming and injuring over 250. The two markets mainly deal with daily use items for women. This was the reason that 33 out of 120 people killed in the deadliest blast were women and 12 children. Over a dozen people, including two couples, are still missing and are believed to have been killed and their bodies completely blown to pieces.
The people of Peshawar are yet to come out of the shock of the deadliest bombing in the city despite the passage of time. Those who lost their loved-ones in the worst terror acts are still in shock and trauma. Those who got the bodies of the victims have at least resigned to fate but there are others who continue to sit at the site suspended between hope and despair that they might find bodies of their dear ones as the removal of rubble at the blast sites continues at a snail pace.
The Meena Bazaar blast deprived several families of their sole breadwinners. A host of people have lost shelters and/or a lone source of their living or income as the area hit by terrorists destroyed the buildings that were serving both as residential facilities and shops.
The families which lost their breadwinners in the blast are worried about their survivals while those injured or maimed in the blast are in need of assistance to undergo proper medical treatment.
Our government is trying to deal with the crisis but is faced with several other issues and cannot meet the challenge of terrorism alone. It is time for us all—the members of the Civil Society—to rise up to the occasion, as witnessed previously during displacement of the internally displaced people from Swat and during the earthquake, to reach out to the affected people.
Numerous households are devastated by the recent inhuman and barbaric acts and are in dire need of help. Contacting all of them might take some time, but the media are reporting cases which can serve as a starting point for relief work. A group of individuals have decided to help the affected families by raising donations or some other kind of support for the above mentioned. A committee has been constituted with representation from different sections of the society to spear head the drive and seek your support and generosity.
Please contact anyone of the people whose names are given in the list for your own convenience or for the mentioned areas.
Ms Zubaida Noor –Peshawar for donations.
Email address :
Phone: 091-5704802, 5703209. Cell # 03455560018.
Ms Rukhshanda Naz - Islamabad for donations.
Email: ;
Cell # 03038872001
Dr Muhammad Salahuddin - Peshawar for medical support and donations.
Email:, Cell # 0333-9163615.
Sehrish Khan for time input and donations.
Phone: 091-5704802. Cell # 0334-5661366
Aftab Ahmad for media highlight and appeals for support and donations.
Cell # 0301-8837677.
Hamza Saranjam for overseas donations.
Cell # +61420224068
Rahim Ahmad Khan Bangash for sending moneygram.
NET Official Email:
Cell # +92-345-5560020
We appeal to the larger public to come forward and extend any kind of help possible to support the affected families by donating cash, in kind (goods, items) or even voluntary time to visit and console the families and show solidarity.
You can contact any member of the above mentioned committee for pledging your support or obtaining further information.
Direct cash donation can be sent to the given account number or send money gram in the name of the given person and address;
Bank details.
Account Name : Noor Donations
Account Number: 0224-79002497-03
Bank :Habib Bank Limited
Bank Address: Cantt Branch Peshawar, Pakistan (0224)
Swift Code: HABBPKKA224
Routing Code: 026007809
Moneygram details.
Name: Rahim Ahmad Khan Bangash
Address: House10, Hadi lane, Old Bara Road, University town Peshawar.
NIC: 14101-1067195-7
Check out the link for photographs of Meena Bazar bomb blast at;


Rs 100,000 to Noor Foundation Courtesy Waltraud Torrorian 's friends in Austria for Rabia Shah

Rs. 30,000 Nasreen Bibi widow of Pindi Bank blast victim

Rs. 60,000 for 2 widows in Swat give to AIRRA

Rs. 30,000 Nusrat Jabeen, widow of the driver of Brigadier Moin Haider who was gunned down G 11, Islamabad

Thanks to Humaira Masihuddin, Mrs Nuzhat, Bushra Arbab, Rangez Shah, Farrah Ali, Faria and Abid Hassan, Helga Siddiqui & Bushra Shahid these donations were possible.

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