Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Angels, the victims of a crazy war

Christmas Gifts for Jonathan.

Five year old Jonathan, is the only son of Maneka and Younas Masih. He was born after 7 years of marriage, after many prayers. His parents worked hard to send him to a good school. On that fateful day when a teenager blew himself up in front of Naval Complex, Younas had just picked up Jonathan from school and were walking towards the car. Maneka was waiting in the car when she heard a blast, she looked back and saw smoke from where both Jonathan and Younas were emerging. She rushed toward them and picked up Jonathan, only to find his face had partial paralysis. Her hand that was holding his head had blood all over. Jonathan had a head injury and had to go through several operations. Thank god he was saved, he is a bright lively boy, but the shrapnel is still lodged in his brain. The doctors have assured his parents that hopefully he will not have problems, even though it is deep in the brain. Jonathan is not going to school these days because he can not walk properly and his left hand is paralyzed. With his right hands he excitedly opened his gifts for Christmas. Thanks to Dr. Zeba Mateen, Aisha, and Waltraud Torrosian we gave Rs. 35000 to Jonathan’s family for his medical care, not a single organization has helped this family so far, only Geo Tv interviewed them.

Rabia the little Angel.

12 year old Rabia was accompanying her teacher to the city when the devastating suicide blast happened in Meena bazaar, Peshawar. Rabia was holding her teacher’s 8 months old baby, due to the blast the baby fell from her hands. She got up to look for the baby only to find out that she had lost a leg after which she collapsed. She was admitted in the hospital, for at least one week. Her mother was already mourning the death of Rabia’s father who died of cancer only 10 days ago. Now she had to see her child in excruciating pain after undergoing several operations she finally died of infection in her stomach that was caused by a shrapnel.

Thanks to Brigitte Neubacher we gave Rs. 11200/- and Thanks to Waltraud Torrosian we gave Rs 20,000 to her mother.

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