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Flood Relief Efforts in Swat

On August 21st Ghazala Minallah, Samar Minallah and Falaknaz Asfandyar and Fauzia Minallah visited Mingora to help the flood affected. The following locations were visited.
1. Marghuzar town and Bhuttai chowk
2. Sarosh Academy, Mingora
3. Murghazar Valley

Murghuzar valley, in Swat.

Falaknaz giving donations to widows in Murghuzar Valley

Fauzia talking to children about the Hygiene promotion material she developed in 2005 for UNICEF for the affectees of the devastating earthquake who lived in relief camps.

Water is the most beautiful gift of nature, Swat looked so beautiful with rivers and streams filled with water. Yet it was this raging water that swept away villages and towns.
These big boulders were carried by the raging waters and have raised the level of the ground, crushing houses on its way.
Sadia and Halim are one of many children who are homeless now.

Sarosh Academy, distribution organised by Global Peace Council, for Civil Society Islamabad and Shajar-IlmOur little volunteer Khadija .

Ghazala Minallah and Fauzia Minallah giving donation to the affectees

Samar giving donation to an affectee from Shangla
Shiza Shahid of Shajar Ilm

Murghuzar Colony and Bhattai Chowk

12 year old Noman removing cement from bricks to reuse on his devastated home. Surely a sign of hope.

These were shops but now filled with silt.

Samar interviewing an affectee.

Some children of the devastated homes in Murghuzar Colony

Myra Iqbal of Shajar Ilm

This was once called 'Khooni Chowk' or the 'Bloody square' where talibans would slaughter people and leave their dead bodies to rot. After the military operation in 2009 some normalcy have been restored, but for some people of Swat who had witnessed the horrors of talibans as well as army shelling , in 2010 they had to experience one of the most devastating floods of all times too.

Makanbagh, Mingora

This bridge was built only 3 years ago. This is the result of rampant 'corruption' in every department.
Photos by Fauzia Minallah and Ahmad Faraz
Members of CSI, concentrated mostly on women. In Makan bagh women from Bangladesh, Mingora were also present. Rs 3000/- per family was distributed among 100 women.
In Murghuzar town and Bhuttai chowk 79 families were given RS 3000 each.
Global peace committee, Swat organized distribution of flood relief for Civil Society Islamabad and Shajar Ilm, where 134 families from Kabal, Khawaza khela, Kokarai, Shangla, Cham shin and Shin were given Rs.3000/- per family by CSI.
In Murghuzar town, Bhuttai chowk and Makan Bagh there is an absence of an organized camp for the affectees. According to the affectees they received hygiene kits from ACTED.
In Murghuzar valley, Rs 3000/- per family among 42 families were distributed, who are staying in a Government primary school. They were in an organized camp set up by the army and visited by different organizations , UNICEF among others.

UNICEF had pasted ‘Hygiene’ promotion posters on the walls of the school which where designed by Fauzia Minallah in relief camps after the devastating earth quake in 2005.

Rs. 200,000/- were handed over to Mr.Ziauddin of Global Peace Committee, Swat by CSI.
Water purifying tablets were distributed in Murghuzar valley and Tahirabad.
Rs. 200,000 more were given to Ghazala Butt for Bahrain.
Our dear friends and donors are : Maham Ali's friends and family( Fawzia Naqvi, Faisal Bari, Ali Saggu, Rejaa Dar and Nashwa Shakeel, Zimmedar Shehri ( Islamabad) Nahid Pervez, Imran Agha, Jamila Shabnum) Amna Paracha, Tahira Abdullah's friends and family,from UK: Muhammad Bilal (x2), Shahnaz Hashmi,from UK: Bushra Farooqui  her colleagues  friends: Aslam Aziz, Danish Aziz, Samra Sheikh, Natasha Khan.
from Bahrain: Shaheen & Tariq Liaqat Ali &their friends. from UAE: Durdana Saiyed, Amjad Ali Khan, Haroon Sheikh, Tehmina Qureshi,from Canada: Saba Jamaluddin,
from USA: Sabira & Navaid Qureshi, Dr. Sabiha Iqbal,from Karachi: Talha Siddiqui, Rabia Garib & colleagues at TQP, Nafis Aslam Khan, Shahzad Mahbub,from Lahore: Qudsia Saeedullah Khan, Nighat Saeed, Muhammad Khalid, Abu Bakr, M/S Shezan International, from Rawalpindi: Sikander Ellahi,from Islamabad/Wah: Tahira Abdullah, Naheed Aziz, Najma Mahmoodullah, Asim Khan, Sarah Mahmood)

Attaullah Shah, Gina Aziz, Marium Burki, Zahid Saeed, Fakhar Zia, ,Nabeela Ahmad, Sara Mahmood, Nargis Ahmad, Mohsin and Madiha Qazi, Nuzhat Ahmad, Zarina Jamal, Mrs Umar Afridi and friends.
Humaira Masihuddin and her friends and family ( Kulsum Khan, Fatimah Quadri,Tahira Syed, Mr. S.M.Qureshi, Saifullah Quadri, Mujtaba Quadri, Uzma Jamal, Dr Nisar Haq, Moina and Ehsan Haqqani )
Ali Faateh, Asad and Amna Shah,Samira Kakar-Khan,Fauzia Asad Haider, Shahida Shah, Salma Babar, Ayesha, Shirin Ansari,, Mrs. Niazi and Mona Niazi, Zeba Mateen, Shehla Jamshaid, Mrs Salim ( Mother fo Farrukh Salim), Ali Bilgrami , Mona and Akbar ,
Falaknaz's Friends and Family:Sofia and Ali Khan, Tahir and Tabu, Zara Ali. Jean Elise Lewthwaite, Teachers of Murree Convent, Safya Aftab, Rweeda Himayat, Shahnawaz Khan.
Our dear friends from abroad, Mr.Wild, Isabelle Bouan, Maria Bader ( her friends and family) and Lynda Martin of Skyscrape foundation.

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