Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Very Special Donors

Mahnoor 14 and Mushfaih 11 did not celebrate their birthdays this year as they always do. They did not order any expensive cake. Mahnoor did not want the gifts she usual recieves from her family members and instead donated the money for children affected by the floods.
It is not that they did not have fun on their birthday infact they had loads of fun.

Mahnoor and Mushfaih have donated the money to us which we will be spending on buying special Eid gifts for children in relief camps. I wish other children would follow their example. Thank you Mushfaih and Mahnoor you both are our very special donors like Saleha Zahid , Fatima Quadri, Khadija Asfandyar, Zain Haq, Mehernaz Haq, Sherbano Haq and Shahida Shah's little neice who cancelled her birthday last month & sent her donations for kids who were flood victims .

by Fauzia Minallah

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  1. Thank you Mahnoor and Mushfaih. On top of being generous to those in needs, you have shown us, and I hope many children around you, that although their is always joy in receiving, there is an even bigger joy in giving.
    Isabelle Bouan