Monday, November 22, 2010

Friends around the world Helping Funkor in Helping Children in Crisis

San Francisco: 'Let Them Bloom' a short film on Peace by Fauzia Minallah was the winner of the Ron Kovic Peace Prize. Joanne Twafilis the Executive Director of Art Mile Mural Project recievd the award on Fauzia's behalf. Ron Kovic donated $1000 for Funkor Childart center which will be used on Funkor's work with 'Children in Crisis'.

Vienna: On the invitation of the district principal a lunch was organized in November in order to discuss the procedures for fundraising events for flood victims in Pakistan on Dec 1, 2 and 3.All directors of the schools in the 6th district of Vienna were present as well as Herbert and Maria Bader, Waltraud Torrosian and Brigitte Neubacher

Vienna: A dear friend of Waltraud Torrosian - teacher in a school in Vienna who visited Pakistan twice - is organizing activities for Pakistan in her school. And here is one result already: a girl with the name of Kara prepared Muffins and sold them with a profit of 192,- EUROS!
Translation of the text on photos: Photo 1: 192,- Euros, a full success, Photo 2: Muffins for Pakistan, Photo 3: it is fun to help
A message from Waltraud: Children are really so innovative! We all are trying our best.
With greetings from Vienna to you all and lots of love

Japan: Congratulation( On winning the Ron Kovic Peace Award), I was so impressed.
Next Monday, I’ll show my students your video.
Before two years ago, actually, I had told students about Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in America, America attack in Afghanistan, and the war in Iraq.
I also tell children of this year’s class about it.
We have done fund raising for Pakistan in our school for a week.
But, some children said that I want to do more fund raising.
Therefore, in after school, we went to a supermarket near our school; we have done fund raising activities two days.
I send that Photos.
I hope that you feel the thoughts of my students for Pakistan.
Thank you Toshio Arao

Impressions of Japanese Students:
Nobana: I hope that Pakistan could become a peaceful country by the donations that we collected. I think that I want to help people in need.

Isam: Through Fundraising, I think that we should support each other. So I hope that Pakistan become a peaceful country in this fund.

Daigo: I did raise money for the people of Pakistan. From now on, I thought I would want to do more work for the world.

Wakana: I thought we must help each other. I do my best for the future of the world.

Haruna:I thought I would like to support people around the world in the future. I am more interested in what is happening in the world, I want to grow up to be such activities.

Momoko: Through fund-raising, I found that it is one of the world.

Takuto:I want to do fundraising activity and volunteer work as well for those in need in various countries.

Angelika: I have been not experience to do activity for the people around the world.
It was the first time. I felt very happy.

Myu;If Pakistani people see the scene where many Japanese do donation to us, I think that they feel so happy.

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