Friday, October 28, 2011

Amai in Shanty Towns of Islamabad

During, summer of 2010, Funkor Childart Center's started 'Amai in Shanty Towns of Islamabad Project'. Funkor organised art and book reading workshops for children.
Through Art and book reading workshops, Funkor organised distribution of note books with messages about environment protection and Hygiene promotion. Through mural painting the children after receiving the note books, expressed that "Trees are our friends", "We love Pakistan", "Plant more trees", " We love animals and trees", " Be kind to animals and trees". Funkor also held 'Recycling workshops', Book reading sessions, distribution of 'Sadako's Prayer' and mural painting and drawing. After reading 'Sadako's Prayer' children painted murals depcting messages of 'No more Hiroshima's!' and Sadako's Peace Memorial. These murals are dedicated to the victims of devastating Tsunami in Japan. I this some children express their views some of them are: We have learnt that we should always love each other. Amai turns into a shooting stars and takes children around the world. I liked Amai in this book. Amai is made of light Amai is a bird and she spreads lights among children Amai spreads light and takes children on exciting adventures Church Schools Visited.
Charismatic Church G-12 Area.
Mathew Academy, in Iqbal colony in a Katchi Abadi, of G-7.
Pakistan Gospal Assemblies Church Fasal colony G-7.
Faiz Church Faraz colony F-7.
Universal Gospal Assembly Church in G-8/4
Universal Gospal Assemblies Church, G-7/2
Master Ayub School

479 note books with messages about Environment protection.
430 note books about Health and hygiene promotion.
172 picture books 'Sadako's Prayer's
1650 children participated in painting and book reading workshops.
960 Christmas gifts distributed.
For making these workshops possible Funkor childart Center would like to thank.
Ron Kovic Peace Prize
Maria Bader iEARN Austria
Maham Ali and friends for the notebooks

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