Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weaving workshop in Juttal, Gilgit

From: Fazal I Wahid. Weaver from Swat.

Madam Helga Ahmed sent me to Juttal, Gilgit, to conduct weaving workshop with the villagers. I had to make a Spining wheel and a hand loom myself as there were none in Juttal. I departed from Islamabad on 29th April 2011 and reached Gilgit on the first of May. I conducted workshops in two different places. First I went to Juttal, there I made the hand loom and spinning wheel forst. I used Eucalyptus wood for making them, because it was cheap compared to other wood. A hand loom was made within a budget of thirty thousand rupees.

1. I taught them how to make thread from sheep wool on the Spining wheel.
This thread is used for different purposes in hand loom.
2. Then I taught them how to make
• Chadder for gents.
• Shaal for ladies.
• Patu ( Sharahi).
• Waskat strips for gents.
• Qader for both season, it is of 2 varieties thick in winter and thin in summer.

Women also were taught how to use the spinning wheel. Next, I went another place Chiprot which was thirty kilo meter away from Juttal. I transferred Spining wheel and a hand loom. I trained three people in this process. They made fifteen Chadder from polyester, because it was cheap rather than wool. They learnt the whole work I gave them a responsibility to other villagers too. Previously they were using sheep wool just for making cushion, now they are trained to weave shawls too.

I stayed there fifteen days. I worked non stop, was very tired, my arms were not moving around. I was happy to teach them these traditional skills. Pakistan Television covered the weaving workshop and that had a tremendous effect on the villagers after that may got interested in this training It was also publicized in the local paper.It will help them in income generation. I left on fifteen of May.

Here is an urgent plea from Community Sadiqabad Jutal Paeen

Thanks to Shahnaz Ahmad and Madiha Syed this weaving workshop became a reality.

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