Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weaving workshop in Juttal, Gilgit

From: Fazal I Wahid. Weaver from Swat.

Madam Helga Ahmed sent me to Juttal, Gilgit, to conduct weaving workshop with the villagers. I had to make a Spining wheel and a hand loom myself as there were none in Juttal. I departed from Islamabad on 29th April 2011 and reached Gilgit on the first of May. I conducted workshops in two different places. First I went to Juttal, there I made the hand loom and spinning wheel forst. I used Eucalyptus wood for making them, because it was cheap compared to other wood. A hand loom was made within a budget of thirty thousand rupees.

1. I taught them how to make thread from sheep wool on the Spining wheel.
This thread is used for different purposes in hand loom.
2. Then I taught them how to make
• Chadder for gents.
• Shaal for ladies.
• Patu ( Sharahi).
• Waskat strips for gents.
• Qader for both season, it is of 2 varieties thick in winter and thin in summer.

Women also were taught how to use the spinning wheel. Next, I went another place Chiprot which was thirty kilo meter away from Juttal. I transferred Spining wheel and a hand loom. I trained three people in this process. They made fifteen Chadder from polyester, because it was cheap rather than wool. They learnt the whole work I gave them a responsibility to other villagers too. Previously they were using sheep wool just for making cushion, now they are trained to weave shawls too.

I stayed there fifteen days. I worked non stop, was very tired, my arms were not moving around. I was happy to teach them these traditional skills. Pakistan Television covered the weaving workshop and that had a tremendous effect on the villagers after that may got interested in this training It was also publicized in the local paper.It will help them in income generation. I left on fifteen of May.

Here is an urgent plea from Community Sadiqabad Jutal Paeen

With due respect it is stated that Sadiqabad Jutal Paeen is situated at a distance of 16 miles from Gilgit city. This is known as the most backward area of District Gilgit. It contains 250 households but lack the basic requirements of life regarding education, health, transportation, agriculture etc. The vary most difficult ties we are facing today are in education and health sector.

1. There are almost 300 children in sadiqabad Jutal but due to the unavailability of school the y are wandering here and there and therir future is in danger. A Govt school is present at a distance of 4 to 5 km which is un accessible for these small children. The community demanded the school to Govt and NGOs many times but no one have ready to take step to solve this issue.
2. The second most important issue of this area is regarding health. There is not water purification plant and even water supply system to in this area and the residence are complled to drink turbid and muddy water, which results serious health problems.
Madam, we the people of sadiqabad Jutal paeen through this application request you to visit this area(if possible) or take necessary steps regarding these issues. We will be much grateful to you.

Community Sadiqabad Jutal Paeen District Gilgit . Chairman Education Committee
Hajat Hussain S/o Ghulam Rasool BBA(Hons)

The weaving workshop was made possible with kind support from Shahnaz Ahmad and Madiha Syed

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