Sunday, July 5, 2009

Distribution of Family Packs in Mardan

485 Family Packs were distributed in Mardan: 350 Family packs were distributed in Labour Colony Mardan. 135 Family packs were distributed in different schools they were Govt Primary School, Bagh Kal, Govt Primary School, Pump Kal, Govt Middle School, Saidabad,Govt Middle School, Kopar, Ali Sattar : Donated 40 Family Packs A, Madiha Syed prepared 100 Family Packs B( Details of each pack are given below): these were gifts from friends in KARACHI:
Truck leaving from the whole sale market

Truck leaving from Naila Zahid's house

There was a moment of panic when we were told that the terrorists are in the crowd during distribution in Labour colony. Thank god it turned out to be a widow in a black burqa.

Madiha Syed and the guards who were there to protect us.

It is sad but security is the main concern of all those who are working with the internally displaced.Guarding his family pack!!
Ghazala Minallah & Maha Qazi distributing coloured pencils and colouring books
Fauzia Minallah with children
Coloured pencils and colouring books with lots of smiles

................... But some are hard nuts to crack
Shirin Bibi finished colouring a page
Cutie pie loved the toy we distributed
another hard nut to crack.......
Naseem with her books and a pot to fetch water
Sadia holding the books while Naseem balances the pot with water on her head
Maybe she will find time to do some colouring after fetching water !

Maybe she will go to school someday. Maybe her security and well being is the RESPONSIBILTY of her government. Maybe she will grow up in a world where she is not a tiny pawn in bigger games.

Text and Photos by Fauzia Minallah

FAMILY PACK A: Bucket 20 litre I cooking pot Dechki silver1 big spoon2 big plastic plates 1 tawwa stainless steel with wood handel2 glasses plastic6 Coil packet OF mosquito repellent Ata Flour 10 kg3 Daals laal lobia, dal channa, daal moong, 2 kg eachSugar 4 kgRice 4 kgCurry powder 2 packetsSalt 1 kgGhee 2 kgTea 1 kgFull cream milk powder 1 kgBuiscuits 12 packs 2 Lifebuoy soaps2 detergent soaps45 candy packets
Each family pak: Rs 3500THE WHOLE SALE DEALER ADDS A BOTTLE OF Jam i shireen

Madiha Syed prepared 100 Family Packs ( packed all by herself and her friends and family): FAMILY PACK B Bucket 20 litre I cooking pot Dechki silver meduim size1 big wooden spoon6 metal plates 1 tashla stainless steel l6 glasses plastic2 Coil packet of mosquito repellent Ata Flour 10 kg2 daal channa, daal moong, 2 kg eachSugar 2 kgBhunna Channa 2 kgCurry powder 250 gmsSalt 1 kgGhee 2 kgTea 1 kgDrymilk powder 1 kg1 large pack of Tiger Buiscuits 6 bars of Swati soaps4 slabs of detergent soaps3 pairs of plastic chuppalsCandiesBesides this Madiha Syed has 100 guddas ( mattresses) 100 buckets and 100 bags of Atta 10 kg each. Everything was packed by her at home and each family Pack including, Gudda, bucket and Atta= Rs 3040

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