Monday, July 13, 2009

When Children Have no toys....

For three little sisters and their cousins, now living in Dhok Russia, Tarnol, Islamabad, it is not a big deal that they have no toys. Internally displaced from Dir, with bare neccessities, they occupy themselves by spending hours playing with their doll house. But, these houses are made by them, they have prepared the clay themselves and their nimble fingers have shaped the walls and shelves. Everything is recycled, tops of bottles are their plates and even peices of broken cutlery are placed in a row like plates on a shelf. They might not have many rooms in their own houses or fancy laterines but in their doll houses there are many laterines and rooms. It was the most fascinating thing I have ever seen in my life! If only these little girls could go to school.

Text and photos by Fauzia Minallah

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