Sunday, July 5, 2009

A young girl from Swat- De Swat mashooma

A young girl from Swat
by Rahila Arif

De Swat Mashooma
Zama kho khanda razey we rora
Ta waroonah tol band kurral!
Zama kho lobey razey o rora
Ta khirkaey, hawaganey band kurral!
Mor o khaindey tan a haere de,
Ta kho tamachay malgaraan kurral!
Sheenkay na akhkaree, na haw khabar kolay shee
Zamaa befikray juand ta pa fikroona kuraal!
Wakhaa, guloonan, titliaanay maan yaadegee
Ta jawanday minga kor key khakht kuraal!
Aday zamaa tagay da, ubah kor ke nishta
Ubah beh souk raurrey, mor khaur kor ke band kurral
Loay rour, ta kho zumung maan way
Satargay ao meena ta hawalay zalimaano kurral
Malgaray ma na paatay shwey, tera shwa
Rour um akhpala meenay, stargay band kurral
Zama kho niazbeen juwand khob ke o
Wareekay jwand zamaa, taa ugaad ko

Translated by Anita Shah: (A young girl from Swat)
O brother, these were my days of laughter
Till you barred all the doors for me!
These were to be my days of frolick
But you shut the windows, the fresh air!
You have forgotten your mother and sisters
You have befriended guns
I cannot see the greenery or hear the calling rain bird
My life has its worries because of you
I miss the grass, flowers and butterflies
I was alive when buried by you, my brother
Mother is so thirsty: there is no water at home
Who will bring the water when the women are imprisoned
My brothers walk the pathways, guns in hand,
Big brother, you were our pride and joy
But you gave away my eyes and love to the heartless
My friends have been left behind, it is all past me
Even my brothers have closed their hearts
I had been a pampered child in some dream, it seems
My young life has been made so very old, by you.

(This poem has been written by Mrs. Rahila Arif, who has dedicated it to the young children of a beautiful area where the grass was always green and life was beautiful, just a little while ago. She hopes and prays that these children get their home, and their lives and dreams, back).

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